We’re back live again folks… it’s been a few months since we were last in Glasgow with the lads in TITAN BREED and DYORLICH but we’re thrilled to announce we’ll be supporting one of the mightiest bands of NWOBHM

One of the biggest influences on Metallica, Diamond Head are coming to Glasgow and we have the honour of providing support when they do.

This really is one not to be missed and we have tickets at a special discounted rate of just £10 but they are in limited supply.

Diamond Head O2 ABC2 Glasgow with 15 Times Dead

So that’s our first gig of 2016 done and dusted and a bloody good old time we had of it as well.  The Attic at The Garage was a new venue for us.  Tight stage, not a lot of room to jump around… but still enough to make plenty of noise and wild arm gestures and moshing!

Big C and Wullie were in imperious form with Dyorlich before we took to the stage with a set that was predominantly new ‘Dead tracks.  Aside from a few minor issues in places it felt good, it felt tight and the new songs all appeared to go down very well before the lads in Titan Breed closed the night with their own monstrous melodic down tuned carnage.

Great to finally be back gigging again and to have such a great reception to our new stuff! Before we move on from this gig we do have to say massive thanks to The Tattooed Tog (Doug McCrindle) and Miff Morris of Gobophotography Glasgow for the fine pics you see above.  Have a look at our gallery for more of these awesome pieces.

SO… Glasgee is DONE and our next port of call isn’t far away date or location wise.  We’re delighted to be heading back through to Edinburgh to take to the stage at The Banshee Labyrinth once again for another Hellraiser Metal Night.  Friday 10th June sees our return to this damn fine regular metal night just off the Royal Mile where we’ll be joined by some of the city’s finest bands for one hellacious indeed bill.  It’s always raucous, always sweaty, loud and heavy and a lot of fun.  We’ll fill you in on it and our next moves forward once we’re back from tearing The Banshee a new one 😀


Yes, it’s us, it’s the ‘Dead. We’re not quite as dead as some may think.  We’ve been tinkering quietly away in the background on new stuff, doing side projects, having daily life get in the way.  Yep, we are still around and we decided to give the place a bit of a lick of paint and a touch up.

Really we wanted this to be a bit of a re-introduction to us, our sound, our lineup and hopefully give you the chance to lug your ears around our tunes again.  We’re busy working on album number 2, with a bucketload of tuneage that we need to nail and tighten and we’ll share that with you on the way.

So yeah, we’re not quite dead yet… we are indeed very much alive and rawking!

15 Times Dead