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Attic Garage Glasgow, Friday 27th May 2016
supporting Titan Breed with Dyorlick
review by Miff Morris, Gobo Photography Glasgow

“Highly accomplished & extremely well established 15 Times Dead blasted onto the stage in Glasgow’s Garage Attic with a pulsating vehemence and a untameable appetite to set the venue alight with their dynamic, highly crafted sound which fuses a whole range of rock/metal influences into a distinctive blend of flexuous riffage, fierce lyrical projection and an ocean depths worth of mighty groovage and elevating melody to ride the crest of the waves in which they so masterfully create within their performances.

There is an incredible amount of raw energy resonating from this band and their absolute passion shines through when they play, isn’t it any wonder 15 Times dead have made such a positive impact on the Scottish metal scene over the years. As I locked into the few new tracks in which they played I could hear hints of progressiveness embedded among their southern rock/metal crossover style.

I really love the drive and sweeping furiosity of their onstage projection, they really are a band who are bitchin’ on all levels, owning the experience, passion and raw skills which carry them forward, making them a monumental metal outfit who well and truly keep the shape shifting metal spirit alive.”


Beholder Weekend Warriors Tour, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow – April 2014
Review by Neil Henderson, Planetmosh

“the new line up of the Dead are in fine form and none the worse for the line up changes. Willie an Big C creating a powerful and solid base for Scotti and Rab’s guitars to drive the songs powerfully forward in the familiar ‘Dead style of no holds barred metal.”